Cream Alternative: Millac Gold Double

Millac Gold Double

Makes life in busy kitchens easier. A deliciously versatile cream alternative.

  • Designed for professionals, consistent and reliable time after time
  • An expert blend of buttermilk, vegetable oil and real dairy cream
  • Ideal for whipping, cooking and pouring, meets all chef’s needs
  • Made with traceable milk from our family farms
  • With added vitamin D; the sunshine vitamin



  • Whips up to 3x its volume; a great yield 
  • Can be rewhipped; helps manage waste
  • Tastes delicious when whipped; for great tasting recipes
  • Holds its shape when piped; looks good for longer than fresh dairy cream



  • Doesn’t split with acidic ingredients or at high temperatures; great reliability
  • Ideal for sweet and savoury sauces and dishes; very versatile
  • Can be frozen in dishes and held in bain-marie; extremely flexible


  • Delicious creamy taste, great for pouring


Easy to Store:

  • Convenient screw lid for easy resealing
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Ambient product
  • Long 9 month shelf life
  • Once opened, refrigerate and use within 3 days


12 x 1 litre

Perfect For...

All Channels

Whipping & Piping | Cooking & Baking | Pouring | Gas Whipper |

Suitable for: Vegetarians, Coeliac diets, Halal diets


Ideal for Health and Care Settings: Added Vitamin D aids the body’s absorption of calcium, 100g of Millac Gold Double gives 15% of Reference Intake of Vitamin D. An easy way to support fortification of dishes.


Available from most leading foodservice wholesalers. For more information contact

Have you tried reliable Millac Gold Single, perfect for cooking sauces and curries!


Craft Guild of Chefs approved product