Cream Blends: Millac Gold

Millac Gold

Need functional excellence and great taste? Millac Gold is Chef’s secret Ingredient!

The perfect partner for whipping and piping, cooking and beverages, it’s a deliciously versatile, high performance blended cream. It works hard so you don’t have to, all with a great dairy taste that complements rather than overwhelms.


This high-performance cream allows you to:


Whip up beautiful desserts with high yield and excellent stability

  • Difficult to overwhip or split
  • Can be re—whipped, if needed
  • Stable with acidic ingredients, no curdling
  • Great yield, whips up to 3 times its volume


Cook with confidence, banishing split and spoilt dishes to the past!

  • Thickens just like dairy cream
  • Stable at high temperatures, no splitting


Create tantalising beverages with ease

  • Make foam toppers; remains stable once whipped
  • Great in gas whippers; stable rosettes, firm structure


Made with dairy ingredients from Irish cows, lovingly produced on the wholesome green pastures of Lakeland Dairies family farms.


Effortless, affordable, delicious. Make every day special.  


12 x 1 litre
10 litre bag in box

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Whipping & Piping | Cooking & Baking | Pouring | Gas Whipper |

Suitable for: Vegetarians, Coeliac diets, Halal diets