Our Dairy Co-Operative

Across the northern half of the Isle of Ireland, from the northern Lakelands, through lush green meadows, over the hillsides and onwards to the rugged coastline of Ireland, Lakeland Dairies and its community of family famers operate in one of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled natural environments. We are committed to sustainability for our future generations. This starts at the farm and extends along the chain throughout our processing operations and across every aspect of our business.


The Co-Operative began in 1896 and the first creamery was established in 1897. For more than 100 years we have been processing the highest quality natural wholesome and nutritious milk produced in the way nature intended – from cows grazing freely on natural grass grown on the lush pastures of family owned farms - into a range of value added dairy foodservice products, functional food ingredients and consumer goods. For more information about our co-op history, click here.


Today, we remain 100% farmer-owned, farmer controlled Irish Dairy Co-Operative and are proud of our heritage of excellence in dairy farming. Lakeland Dairies’ Commitment is to operate as a sustainable, efficient, customer focused Dairy Co-Op, delivering prosperity to our farmers and community of stakeholders. We are one of the largest dairy co-operatives on the island of Ireland, processing over 1.8 billion litres of milk annually, collecting fresh wholesome milk from our 3,200 family farms nestled across the green pastures of the isle of Ireland. We are delighted to serve our valued customers in over 80 countries throughout the world.