Our Foodservice Division

Heritage of Dairy Excellence

We are the sophisticated dairy foodservice operation of Lakeland Dairies’ 100% farmer-owned Co-Operative. For more than 100 years we have been processing the highest quality natural wholesome and nutritious milk, produced in the way nature intended – from cows grazing freely on natural grass grown on the lush pastures of family owned farms - into a range of value added dairy foodservice products.


Since 1897 when our first creamery was established, our Co-Operative has been producing delicious, high-quality dairy products. We enjoy a rich history of developing innovative dairy products which continues today. Our modern, automated production technologies ensure our range of products are consistent and reliable; essential qualities for our customers. The purchase of L.E. Pritchitts & Co. Ltd in 2003 significantly enhanced the group’s expertise in long life and blended dairy products for the Foodservice market.


Great Tasting High Performance Products

Many of our products are designed especially for professional kitchens and foodservice operations. Our portfolio extends from mini portions of butter, to 10 litre containers of luxury long life dairy creams, to convenient individual portions of wholesome long-life milk and frozen ice-cream.


We work tirelessly to ensure that every drop of quality milk is used to make a range of high quality, convenient products. Brands such as Millac and Comelle created in the 1950’s are successful examples of our pioneering approach to adding value to skimmed milk. Originally a waste product from producing cream and butter, skimmed milk was re-imagined to create exciting alternative products with lovely, mouth-watering taste and maximum functional benefits for professional chefs, and in turn, supporting them to reduce their waste.


Today, Millac’s international portfolio extends from luxury real dairy creams to Skimmed Milk Powders with non-milk fat, while Comelle specialises in Ice-Cream Mixes perfect for busy operators. They can be found in many professional kitchens around the world.


In the UK we are extremely proud of VIVA, the number one brand of Flavoured Milk Drinks in UK Schools and the first to introduce a paper straw to its pack, replacing a plastic alternative, in 2019. Now with no added sugar and a great taste preferred by 3 in 4 kids, find out more here!


Today, our expertise in real dairy and blended long-life products is driving a new and growing presence in consumer goods.