Products: Milk Portions

Choose from our wide range of milk portions including individual milk pots, milk sticks, and café maid luxury coffee creamer.

Lakeland Dairies Long Life Milk Pots

Lakeland Long Life Milk Pots - Whole Milk

Individual milk portions offering high quality long life milk with minimal storage footprint.

Lakeland long Life Milk Pots - Semi-Skimmed Milk

Individual milk portions filled with high quality long life semi-skimmed milk.

Lakeland Long Life Coffee Creamer - Half Cream

UHT half cream portions allow your customers to enjoy the taste of cream in a convenient format.

Milk in a Stick

Semi-Skimmed Milk Sticks

Individual milk portions that are easy to transport and store. 100% farm assured semi-skimmed milk.

Whole Milk Sticks

Convenient easy to open milk portions filled with fully traceable, 100% farm assured milk.

Creamer in a Stick

Easy to open, convenient cream portions that are easy to transport and store.

Oat in a Stick

NEW! Plant-based oat whitener for tea and coffee. Easy to open and easy to pour

Millac Maid Long Life Pots

Whole Mini Pots

These mini pots are convenient and simple to use and are more hygienic than leaving out a milk jug.

Half Fat Mini Pots

These mini pots are easy to open and store, with minimal wastage through perfect portion control.

Café Maid Mini Pots - Luxury Coffee Creamer

These mini pots allow your customers to enjoy a luxury creamer in a convenient format.