Lakeland Dairies: 100% Dairy Whole Milk Powder

100% Dairy Whole Milk Powder

New for 2020!
The ideal ingredient for adding dairy goodness without altering the texture or volume of a dish. Adds a rich, luxurious creamy taste; great in rice puddings!

High quality, wholesome dairy milk powders:

  • Gently dried to retain the full goodness of milk
  • Natural source of calcium and high in protein
  • Every heaped tablespoon (15g) contains: 3.9g of protein and 75 kcal
  • Made from traceable milk from our family farms
  • Quality milk collected within a two hour radius of our factories


Easy to use:

  • Dissolves easily
  • Versatile, perfect for sweet and savoury dishes
  • Perfect for everyday baking and cooking
  • Good for fortifying milk and recipes for special diets
  • Once reconstituted, use in place of liquid milk in hot drinks and more


Easy to store:

  • Convenient 2kg bag
  • Ambient product
  • Once opened use within 4 weeks
  • Long 12 month shelf life

Perfect For...

Health | Care | Education |
Cooking | Baking | Fortifying | Hot Drinks Once Reconstituted


Suitable for Vegetarians


Available from most leading foodservice wholesalers. For more information contact