Bulk (25kg): Lakeland Dairies Salted Butter

Lakeland Dairies Salted Butter

Deliciously creamy pure Irish salted butter

  • Rich creamy butter gently churned in Ireland
  • Perfect for industrial cooking and baking
  • Made with pasteurised cream from our Lakeland Dairies family farms
  • Lakeland Dairies have been lovingly churning cream into butter since 1897


Easy to use

  • Use straight from the bag for industrial cooking needs


Easy to store

  • Long 6 month shelf life


Cases of 25kg

Perfect For...

Industrial bakeries | Cooking | Baking | Cakes | Desserts | Sauces


The exciting results of our eating out consumer survey are in! Nearly all those who responded to the survey chose butter over margarine, stating they preferred it due to the superior taste, quality and because it is a natural product.


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