Create Your Own Cocktail Competition

Lakeland Dairies' Festive Cocktail Competition 

Thank you for your interest - this competition has now closed. 


• Open to Care Homes to create their own cocktail recipes
• An amazing prize to be won
• PLUS, free Festive Tipples Fortified Cocktail Recipe Guide
• AND free Millac Gold Double piping bags


Donal Harte, Head of Marketing at Lakeland Dairies comments: “We are overjoyed to see care homes participating in the Cocktail Competition, with Activity Providers and Catering Teams working together to help share joy and smiles with the residents during the festive season. This is why we are running our Create your own Cocktail competition for the third year running! We are thrilled with the amount and quality of entries we received over the last two years and cannot wait to see what amazing and exciting creations are entered this year.”



Lakeland Dairies have teamed up with wellbeing specialists NAPA, to provide an engaging festive cocktail competition for care home residents. Together they are challenging care homes to host a cocktail party, whilst at the same time encouraging residents to participate through designing their own cocktail.



The winning entry will receive a Lakeland Dairies activity pack, including a cocktail shaker set, Relish Aqua Paints, paint brushes and a case of delicious Millac Gold Double (12x1L). Every eligible care home which enters will also receive a free roll of Millac Gold Double piping bags.



Simply ask residents to draw, paint, or make their cocktail and email the designs to Lakeland Dairies by midnight on the 18th December 2023.


Full terms and conditions here



To support care caterers even further, Lakeland Dairies have also released a fortified recipe resource, Fortified Focus: Festive Tipples. The resource demonstrates how to deliver fortified food and drink in a delicious, appetising, and engaging way.

It is packed with delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. The drinks are fortified with Lakeland Dairies 100% Dairy Skimmed Milk Powder, which is full of the goodness of milk and recommended by dietitians for fortification because it has the ideal combination of protein and calories.



Each recipe has been carefully created by Lakeland Dairies, a registered dietitian, and a specialist care home chef. Together they have successfully overcome some of the enormous challenges faced by care caterers when fortifying drinks, namely that of how to devise recipes which are high in protein and still delicious to consume.



Dietitian Rachael Masters who worked on the project comments: “As dietitians, we promote 100% dairy skimmed milk powder for fortification because of the protein content. An ideal milk powder for fortifying would have at least 50 calories and 5g protein per heaped tablespoon (15g)”.

Lakeland Dairies 100% Dairy Skimmed Milk Powder exceeds dietitian’s ideal requirement from a milk powder for fortification, as it has 55kcal and 5.5.g of protein in a single heaped tablespoon.
Lakeland Dairies creates professional dairy products for chefs which have been carefully crafted and treated to have great taste, and to provide a longer life for added convenience in busy kitchens. With a proud heritage in dairy farming, Lakeland Dairies is a 100% farmer-owned and managed dairy co-operative, whose products are made from high-quality milk from the lush green pastures of its 3,200 family farms.


Claim the free fortified recipe resource here.
Every valid entrant who requests the guide will receive a free roll of Millac Gold Double piping bags.


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