Lakeland Dairies Launch Dairy Ice Cream Range

Lakeland Dairies – the farmer-owned dairy co-operative – has introduced a new range of Dairy Ice Cream to its portfolio to meet consumer demand for dairy ice cream.

Available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, the high quality ice creams are made with locally sourced, 100% fully-traceable milk and cream collected on a daily basis from the co-operative’s very own dairy herds.

Simon Muschamp, Head of Marketing, Lakeland Dairies, explains: “In recent years there’s been a shift in consumer attitudes and growing demand for natural products, we’ve experienced it with butter and now the focus is ice cream. We wanted to create a dairy ice cream range that pays homage to our farming heritage and supports operators who are committed to offering their customers quality dairy ice cream. It’s taken time, but we’re incredibly proud of the end result and we hope caterers are just as proud to serve it.”

With a high quality, great taste, all three ice creams are made using fresh milk and cream, as well as all natural ingredients and flavourings.

Simon continues: “The key ingredient is the rich milk from our herds which gives that undeniably creamy, delicious taste that consumers will love. With a heritage spanning 120 years, we manage the entire process from start to finish which results in an exceptional product. Finally chefs and caterers can put a quality dairy ice cream on their menu, without the hefty price tag.”

Without any compromise on taste, operators can also have the peace of mind that Lakeland Dairies Dairy Ice Cream meets the new PHE 2020 guidelines on sugar reduction and is lower in calories than most ice creams on the market.

The new range is available now and comes in 6 x 4 litre cases.

Lakeland Dairies is one of Ireland’s largest farmer-owned dairy co-operatives. Their cows graze on lush, green pastures producing high quality milk, which is collected from over 2,400 family farms on a daily basis. Using unrivalled expertise and state of the art machinery, they process over 1.1 billion. litres of milk into their range of value added dairy products.