Lakeland Dairies launch William Curley Ice Cream Sundae Masterclass with Comelle

The artisan, hand-crafted chocolate sundae uses delicious, vanilla flavoured Comelle as the superstar ingredient, proving how versatile soft serve ice cream can be.

Available as a video masterclass with accompanying recipe guide full of tips and technique, the masterclass demonstrates how to elevates a dish with William’s incredible chocolate skills, including how to create a delicate bird tulle wafer, chocolate nest and sea salt caramel eggs.


William Curley comments:

“When I’m looking to create something special, I look for the best tasting ingredients available. Comelle soft serve ice cream is an exciting product to work with because it’s so easy to elevate into something spectacular.”


Lumina Intelligence says indulgence* is one of 8 megatrends currently influencing the market, with ‘treat’ being the most common consumer mission for eating or drinking out of home. It’s clear therefore that wowing’ customers with an exclusive out of home experience can be a profitable approach for operators. As soft serve ice cream can only be purchased out of home, the masterclass is the perfect aid to help treat consumers this Easter with a spectacular dessert.



As consumers are willing to pay a premium for desserts which meet their desire for ‘treat’and ‘indulgence’, making an incredible dessert from soft serve ice cream is a clever way to transform both dishes and profit. With soft serve ice cream in its simplest form retailing around £1.50, elevated desserts such as the Comelle Easter Sundae can retail for around 600% more and offer an easy way to elevate profit.


Jean Cattanach, Marketing Controller at Lakeland Dairies adds:

“We are incredibly excited to work with the UK’s foremost pâtissier and chocolatier William Curley on this brand new masterclass, which sets out to inspire operators with a spectacular dish which they can recreate and wow their customers with. With Easter on the horizon operators are looking for market cut-through and new ways to attract consumer spend. Comelle ice cream mix is a fantastic profit creator. We believe there’s even more profit to be found through elevating Comelle into dishes such as ice cream sundaes and we want to help operators unlock those additional opportunities by demonstrating how to elevate their offering this Easter.”

Enjoyed since 1951, Comelle soft serve ice cream is made with high-quality milk from our 3200 family farms. With the ideal balance of sweetness and tasty vanilla notes, its high profit margin means it generates essential income for operators in an easy manner.


The ice cream sundae dessert also uses delicious Lakeland Dairies Pure Irish Butter to create an incredible caramel sauce, and Lakeland Dairies Real Dairy Whipping Cream in a delicate Crème Chantilly.

*Lumina Intelligence, December 2021





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