Make the Smart Choice With Pritchitts new Modern Milk

Pritchitts, one of the largest farmer-owned dairy co-operatives in Ireland has launched an exciting new range of flavoured milk for further and higher education.

Modern Milk is available in three delicious flavours; Chocolate with a Hint of Fudge, Coffee with a Hint of Vanilla and Strawberry with a Hint of Cream. Made with natural flavouring, semi-skimmed milk and added vitamin D, it provides 16-21 year olds with a fantastic source of calcium and vitamin D – the ‘sunshine vitamin’ which aids strong bones and teeth.

This flavoursome new product makes a healthy, filling snack between meals and a convenient on-the-go breakfast option. Milk also has the ability to rehydrate and aid exercise recovery thanks to the high quality protein, carbohydrates, calcium and electrolytes it contains.

Simon Muschamp, Head of Marketing, Pritchitts, says; “Empty calorie fizzy drinks are coming under increasing scrutiny by the government’s health agency in the fight against obesity, leaving caterers with the challenge of offering healthier options that will appeal to the toughest food and drink critics. Modern Milk combines the nutritious power of milk with flavours we know students love, making it the smart choice for colleges and universities.”

With a long ambient shelf life Modern Milk is hassle free, but is best served chilled and enjoyed straight from the fridge. It comes in a 330ml fully-recyclable carton with a straw, making it ideal for drinking on-the-go and vending machines.

Modern Milk has a shelf-life of six months and is available in 27 x 330ml trays.