Safe Summer Hot Drinking

Over 2.1billion coffees and 874million cups of tea are sold out-of-home every year*, resulting in millions of gallons of milk used by the industry. With some operators providing self-service milk jugs for consumers, the dairy solutions provider is eager to highlight the impact the warmer weather can have on the white stuff.
Simon Muschamp, Head of Marketing, Lakeland Dairies explains:
“Milk jugs are regularly used by those buying tea and Americanos on-the-go – when you consider that over 870million teas and 430 million Americanos are sold every year the contamination risk when those temperatures rise over the summer months are considerable!*
We know from independent research that hygiene is the biggest driver for consumers opting for mini pots over jugs, due to concerns over how long the milk had been left out, whether the jug is contaminated, as well as its cleanliness^.  Food Safety Week is a great opportunity for operators to modernise how they support their on-the-go hot drink offering and ensure tea and coffee fans have a convenient – and most importantly – hygienic method to add milk.”

Lakeland Dairies comprehensive range of milk portion formats are an effective way for caterers to give their food safety a boost this summer. The portfolio includes premium mini pot range, Millac Maid and the new latest slim line addition, Milk in a Stick, all of which are made using high quality milk which is 100% farm assured and fully traceable.

Simon adds; “Lakeland Dairies has been a trusted supplier of milk portions for over fifty years, offering a hygienic and convenient way of serving hot drinks. Our range has a long and ambient shelf life, which means the taste and quality remains as fresh as the day it was made – as well as no waste. Plus they’re hygienically sealed, so unlike fresh milk jugs there is no risk of cross-contamination. From iconic mini pots to the latest slim line format, whatever your operation we have the format to support your hot drinks offering this Food Safety Week and beyond.” 
Pritchitts is the foodservice division of Lakeland Dairies, one of the largest farmer-owned dairy co-operatives in Ireland. On a daily basis, quality milk is collected from 2,400 farms, where cows graze on lush green pastures in a fifteen county catchment area within the island of Ireland.

*NPD 2016 ^Toluna / Pritchitts 2015