Secure Refreshingly Healthy Profits with Coolicious Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt

With the increasing demand for frozen yogurt out-of-home – a market estimated to grow 12% by 2019 to £167million* and an established trend highlighted by M&C Allegra – the best selling frozen yogurt brand in foodservice is encouraging operators to stand up and take notice of the hardworking menu addition that can be used throughout the day.

Richard Drane, Managing Director of Taste Trends Limited, comments: “More and more consumers are now eating outside traditional meals times and it’s becoming increasingly important for operators to expand their menus to fit the all-day-dining trend. Soft serve frozen yogurt is a quick, easy way for caterers to meet this demand and offers huge versatility – simply team with granola for breakfast menus, top with fruit for a refreshing mid-afternoon snack and add confectionery for an indulgent dessert or a fun addition to a children’s menu.

Our Coolicious Fat Free Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt is suitable for counter service but also for self-serve, meaning customers have the ability to add the toppings they desire while operators satisfy the consumer demand for customisation. The options really are endless!”

Coolicious Fat Free Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt is available in a wide range of smooth and creamy flavours including Chocolate Bliss, Mango Moment and Rocking Raspberry, and is made from fresh yogurt and milk, ensuring a premium product, but one that operators can really profit from.

Richard continues: “Coolicious Fat Free Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt ensures operators – both dine-in establishments and on-the-go concepts – generate refreshingly healthy profits thanks to its 80% profit margin.

Operators can also be rest assured that Coolicious Fat Free Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt will offer consistently high quality in taste and texture thanks to a reliable supply chain through Lakeland Dairies, one of Ireland’s leading dairy co-operatives.”

Coolicious Fat Free Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt is available in eight delicious flavours with a 6 x 2 litre pack size and a shelf life of 18 months at -18˚C.

With over 20 years of experience, Coolicious is the UK’s best-selling frozen yogurt in foodservice and sells more than 17 million portions each year. 

*Market data: Horizons FS 2016 – market values relate to all frozen yogurt products and are based on sell out price to consumer